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Youth Academy

Welcome to Chiefs United Club Youth Academy, where we cultivate the next generation of soccer stars. Our academy is dedicated to developing young talent through expert coaching, competitive play, and a supportive environment that fosters growth on and off the field.

UPSL soccer club


Our Youth Academy features various divisions tailored to different age groups and skill levels. This includes our U15/16 Division, which focuses on providing a solid foundation for young athletes, preparing them for higher levels of competition and personal development.

Chiefs United Club

UPSL Academy

The UPSL Academy is the pinnacle of our youth development program. Designed for players who aspire to compete at the highest levels, the UPSL Academy offers rigorous training, strategic gameplay, and opportunities to showcase talent in competitive matches.


We offer seasonal programs to ensure continuous development and engagement for our players. Our seasons include:

  • Spring Season: Focused on building core skills and teamwork.
  • Summer Camps: Intensive training sessions and skill workshops.
  • Fall Season: Competitive league play and tournament participation.
  • Winter Training: Off-season conditioning and tactical training.

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